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Security, Scalability and Consistency

= Peace of Mind

Stressed out and worried about your MSP business? Too many administrators? Manual process only followed 1/2 the time? Get Atria – the Peace of mind portal for MSPs and large IT departments.

A Single Pane of Glass

Manage all your customers from one portal

No switching between ADs, no shared accounts, and let your customers self manage. Save time, reduce complexity and lower your costs.


Manage hundreds of customers in one low cost shared active directory, secured and managed by Atria.

Self Service

Enable your customers to create and manage users, assign applications and reset passwords reducing your helpdesk ticket volumes.

Scale your Business

Atria makes it faster to onboard customers, reduces helpdesk load and simplifies support, helping you focus on growth and scalability.

Cloud and On-Premises

Manage On-Premises AD, Office 365, Citrix Cloud and others, all from one portal, and with one identity – lowering your helpdesk training costs.

Single Tenant

One instance of Atria can manage hundreds of dedicated ADs streamlining your helpdesk, and ensuring standardization and consistency.

Stop Sharing Admin Accounts

No need for helpdesk agents to have AD or Office 365 Admin privileges – Atria has its own accounts, reducing your risk profile, improving security.

Compete and Win

Showing customers they’ll never have to log a ticket for a password reset or a user create is a game changer in a competitive deal.

Enable the Enterprise

Win enterprise deals by offering your customers the leading self-service portal, leaving you time and budget for high value projects.

Scalability successful MSP

Be the MSP to Beat

With Atria, you become unbeatable. Your customers can self service and grow on demand. You can onboard customers faster than anyone else. Your support costs are lower. Your service offerings are all available through one portal. You are easy to work with. The competition doesn’t stand a chance.

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“Using Atria we've reduced 30 hours of user admin a month down to 3 and virtually eliminated mistakes.”

Daniel Houle – Senior Lead System Engineer at The Asbury Group Integrated Technologies

Reduce your Risk

Peace of mind comes with knowing your customers are secure, and your team well managed.

Giving helpdesk admin access to your customers, Office 365 tenants and Active Directories is risky, and un-audited. With Atria, day to day admin staff only need portal access, and are fully audited. Keep you, and your customers, safe.

secure multi-tenant office 365
on-premises ad and azure ad

Grow your Services

Success comes from scalable, consistent growth, with services that customers love and you can easily manage.

Offer a broader range of services, at different value propositions. Office 365, DaaS, Hosted Exchange. On-Premises Dedicated AD, Hosted Shared AD. Position the right offer at the right price point to the right customer – and manage them all consistently with Atria.

Take your MSP Business to the Next Level

Take on that bigger customer, launch more complex offerings, open the next office.

Grow with DaaS and Office 365. Attract and win larger customers. Onboard faster and get revenue quicker. Position the right product at the right level, dedicated or shared. Atria helps you create a systematized manageable business, ready for global scale.

MSP self service Portal

“Atria has provided the tools we need to grow our business”

Without it we would be drowning in the process of administering our customers.”

Kjell Gabrielsson, CIO,  Iver

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Atria Configuration Menu

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Wondering if Atria will be able to give you peace of mind?

Atria is designed for the managed service provider, or large enterprise where the IT department essentially operates as a shared service provider.

I operate in a vertical, like Healthcare or Financial Services. Does Atria work for me?

Yes – we already have a range of customers in both healthcare and Financial Services. Depending on your customers needs, both multitenant and dedicated solutions could work.

I am a small hosting company or MSP, is Atria a good fit for me?

We are happy to work with you to get Atria up and running to help manage your customers. After all we all started somewhere and we’re all about growing MSP’s.

I already have a ticketing system. How will Atria help me.

Firstly – check out our calculator here: (Link). Atria will reduce the amount of tickets you get, and when you do get admin style tickets will make it much quicker to action them. Secondly, if you ticketing system has automation capability we have API templates for common tasks like user creates and password resets.

I have an enterprise or government department customer. Can Atria help with this?

Yes, Government departments are generally looking for self service solutions to help improve efficiency. Atria helps you stand out from the crowd with a full delegated administration portal.

I have competing portal, or a legacy unsupported portal. How hard is it to move to Atria?

We have experience moving from most common portals like Ensim, iPortalis and others, and can help you with the migration. Depending on what services you are offering and how many end users you have it can take as little as 2 days to get Atria up and running. Often we will do this at no cost – depending on complexity.

I already have an RMM tool. Will Atria work for me?

RMM Tools and Atria are complimentary. An RMM tool will help you keep devices and servers monitored, patched and working well. Atria allows Customers to create and manage their users in your managed environments in a safe controlled manner. Both are recommended.

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