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About Us

We build tools for the Service Desk

At Atria we don’t workflow – ‘we Automate’. We believe that today’s IT service space is manual for no reason, and that wastes time and money while harboring frustration. Our focus is on the Managed Service Provider – the people taking care of IT for their customers. By focusing on automating common tasks across a common set of applications, while incorporating Identity and Active Directory we save service desk time and effort. Through comprehensive delegated administration, we save your customer’s time. By automating, we deliver consistency and repeatability, reducing your risk while saving money. We believe there is a better way.



Automate complex tasks, while ensuring consistency and repeatability. Automation reduces time to cash, and allows you to do more with less people.



Delegate down common tasks – From level 3 to the service desk, from the service desk out to customers. Reduce the time to serve your customers, and move from tickets to delivery.

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Business Building

Atria allows you to scale your business, without adding people. Automate and manage from a single pane of glass both your multitenant environment and all your customer ADs.


Grow your Services

With Atria you can easily add additional services, from Hosted Desktops to Office 365. Integrating additional services can be a no to low code experience, so you can grow faster.

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Years of Development

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Help MSPs deliver the Cloud.

Our vision right from when we were still EMS-Cortex has been to help MSPs deliver the cloud. IT started off relatively simple, with Multi-tenant Exchange hosting to now where we cover multi cloud, multi AD services. Having worked in MSPs and outsourcers for much of our professional lives we understand the pains, the risk of too many people having access, the waste in senior people having to do simple admin tasks. Working with the largest Telco in New Zealand we created a market leading multi-tenant provisioning engine and delegated administration portal called Cortex. A few years later, with another 1/2 a million managed users we were acquired by Citrix and turned into Cloud Portal Services Manager or CPSM.

CPSM is now back in the hands of the original creators, and the team that built the business. We have the same vision, helping MSPs deliver the cloud. We’re excited to work with you, help your business grow and take advantage of the new opportunities available. Welcome to Atria!


Meet The Team

Colin Headshot

Colin Williams

Founder & CEO

Colin Williams led EMS-Cortex to its first successful acquisition to Citrix, and since then has led a fast-growing Microsoft Partner Award-winning New Zealand MSP.

With a strong history in development, and deep knowledge of the MSP market he brings real-world depth to Atria.

Jason Headshot

Jason Green

Customer Engagement

Jason had worked for nearly 20 years for an MSP, as an engineer, practice manager and more recently building the cloud practice including hosting, backup and Office 365. He has a deep understanding of how the MSP business runs along with experience working with MSP’s customers that gives real insight into how our MSPs delivers services and manages customers.

Daniel Headshot

Daniel Thurston

Co- Founder & Customer Success

Daniel had a long history of working for MSPs and then EMS-Cortex, he has lived both sides of the coin. Since leaving Citrix Daniel has led growth in Custom Development and Office 365 businesses. He’s lived through the MSP world and understands the scale issues from both sales and delivery within the industry.

Arad Haghi

Arad Haghi


Arad Haghi has provided development and technical leadership across several high-profile SaaS businesses. From leading Research and Development projects designing complex systems

With the proven ability to work with customers understanding their requirements while managing development teams, and leading complex research projects Arad drives excellence in Atrias products.


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