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Active Directory Administration

Simple, secure delegated AD Admin .

Empower the Service Desk

Atria empowers your service desk to perform standard moves, adds and changes without having Active Directory Administrator privileges. Create users, reset passwords, manage group access immediately across all your customers. Make First Call Resolution the standard. 

Give control to the customer

Atria allows you to delegate control to your customers in a safe, secure and auditable fashion. Delegate user management, group access, password resets and even application access. Save service desk calls, and make happy customers.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Atria manages both your business and your hosting environment.

No Admin Required

Delegate down standard admin capability to the service desk and out to the customer with no admin privalidges required.

OU Management

Atria creates OU’s in the right place with the right permissions for resellers and customers.

Fine grained control

Atria has fine grained role based permissions. Delegate the capability you need to the person you want – no more, no less. Custom roles supported.

Multitenant AD Support

One AD, many customers. Locked down and secure by OU. Great for small customers, and government.

Single Tenant AD Support

Manage 100’s of AD’s from one portal with one UI, and one process flow. No AD Admin access for support staff. 

Delegate by Department

Assign admin roles in Atria by Department or Location. Allow local managers to manage their own users.

Fully Auditable

Review who made changes, when and who to. Export reports on a schedule.


Run your own scripts, perform your own actions and deliver your own services. Fully extensible provisioning engine and UI.

Workflow & Approvals

Push provisioning requests through an approval process, both within customers and into your support team. 

Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Atria allows you to deliver the most efficient Outsourced Environment possible, where your customers self service, from creating users to managing group access to password resets. Allow all of this, while minimising risk. No customer – or even service desk agent ever needs AD Admin access.

Drive efficiency in your service desk today. Delegate moves, adds and changes to customers.

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