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Atria and ConnectWise Integration has arrived

In the past, billing was painful – now that Atria and ConnectWise integration is available, Managed Services Providers can reduce their hours spent every month invested in billing and billing related issues.




ConnectWise Manage is a PSA tool used by many MSPs. ConnectWise helps managed service providers run the commercial side of their business and also offers Cybersecurity, Unified Monitoring, Business Management, and Integrated Services. Atria customers who use ConnectWise often requested an integrated solution to streamline the billing process within the two systems so we listed to our customers and we are pleased to announce that Atria is now able to automatically keep ConnectWise agreements in sync with the actual services you deliver to your customers. Billing is easier, time is saved and lost revenue is regained! Happiness all around! Atria benefits the MSP in three broad areas:

    1. Reduced Workload on Support and Escalation teams
    2. Improved throughput and responsiveness
    3. Tracking of changes which may have implications on billing

“Atria is a great source of billing for MSPs. However – getting data into core systems such as ConnectWise was a challenge!” – Colin Williams Atria CEO Our ConnectWise integration (alongside our other PSA integrations) now transforms the changes tracked in Atria right through into ConnectWise company agreements.

Management and Co-management of MSP Services

Atrias system will improve your helpdesk operations whether you are managing IT services for your customer or playing a supporting role in a co-management IT service. Atria provides an interface for Active Directory, Microsoft Online, and Desktop Applications and allows its users to move, add, and make changes to a user instantly. Atria can also productize other service offerings with the software development toolkit or SDK expanding its capabilities. Managed services providers helpdesk and end-user clients can add & remove users directly through the Atria portal without any admin access. Without Atria, scripts or any manual tasks need to be manually run to capture changes to the users, determine license quantities or create counts for billing service charges. Inaccuracy and failure of this process lead to revenue loss and risk of compliance failure. With Atria, changes are automatically tracked throughout a billing period, billable services counts are transferred into ConnectWise agreements and once a customer receives their bill, they can view reports in Atria showing corresponding users and service counts.

Productization of IT Services

The most successful MSPs now operate a recurring services business model. This reflects a trend away from time based billing, and requires a focus on efficiency. Better results for customers also lead to increased profitability for the MSP. As discussed previously, Solid Provisioning systems are at the foundations of successful MSPs and productization of MSP offerings is step that helps simplify the MSP business. Implementing Atria into an MSP business provides a solid step forward in modernising your MSP business and moving to user based billing Process. With the ConnectWise integration, Atria can slot in to support your operations team.

Billing Process

The billing process is now automated through into ConnectWise. Atria to ConnectWise Billing Process

1. Service Changes Tracked.

Users complete tasks in Atria. Each change is recorded. Atria knows the details of the change and who initiated the change. Example Activities include:

  • Customer Creation
  • Service Assignment (e.g. A customer starts using a service)
  • User Creation
  • User Service Assignment (e.g. A User starts using a service)
  • User Service Removal
  • User Service Change

2. Atria Billing Process generates billing views

Every day, a batch process builds up the data for the Billing Period. Filters remove Non-billable data using pre-configured billing rules.

3. Update ConnectWise Agreements

On a configured schedule, Atria processes billing data. Atria applies actual quantities to the ConnectWise Agreement Additions. Atria ConnectWise integration is now available with Atria 15 and combined with Atria billing configuration can adapt to various billing requirements.