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Over many years, the menu in Atria has grown to become a rabbit warren of menu items, many minutes can be spent trying to locate a feature, and conversely, many a feature is lost within the rabbit warren, never to be seen or used. 

As of v12.13 we have introduced the concept of a “configuration” menu.  This is a standalone page which provides navigation to all of the infrequently used items that currently clutter the menu.  It also has a search option which makes it easier to locate the feature you’re looking for. 

For our initial release, we have not dared to change the default menu – we appreciate that this is a choice and it may not suit everyone, so you can configure to use as you see fit. 

Click on Configuration on the left hand navigation 

Typing into the search field automatically filters the options on the screen, making it easy to find what you are looking for by keyword:

As a Service Provider Administrator – you can manage the configuration menu through the Page Manager feature

To get here…

  1. Click on Configuration on Left hand menu
  2. Look for Security > Page Manager

Under Page Type – select “Configurations”

From here you can add new sections and menu items.  Menu items can also launch external links if desired.

Remember that for a menu to appear for a user, you need to assign the section and the menu item to a security role to which the user belongs.  If you need help or have a large set of changes you’d like to make, we can help you to get the right role assignments and help with database scripts.

Last but not least – I have logged a ticket to change this page to use more of the real estate on the page, so hopefully we can make it slightly more usable soon.