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Atria works for MSP’s

Good process is a key ingredient to MSP success, but when dealing with 100s of customers and technologies, often the knowledge, experience and attitude of key team members is driving success over process, scale and profitability is hard to achieve.

The Atria portal brings automation to support all of your end-users across your multi-customer, multi-system world. Atria was designed and built with Managed Service Providers to make selling and delivering IT services at scale, systematic and reliable.

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Reduce Admin Logins and Access

Atria maintains secure connections into your customers core IT systems.  It removes the need for support staff to administrative or VPN access to servers (e.g. Domain Controllers) or services (such as Microsoft PartnerCenter).

Atria maintains a single view of end-users across all of your customers, regardless of whether they are in Active Directory, on premises, in your datacenter, or in the cloud.

Imagine.  1. Search for user, 2. Assign or remove service, 3. Atria completes the work needed

Atria enables Customer Service staff to gets things done right first time, without escalation or being overly technical.

Improve Internal Process And Relationships

Providing good service to customers’ needs every part of the business to work together from Sales, through to engineering, projects, support and finance/billing.

Often processes implemented to protect data, result in support staff that can’t help their customers, and senior engineers being held up from adding real value to customers or projects.  The net result is an inferior customer outcome and dissatisfied staff.

Atria empowers support teams to safely handle more tasks while relieving pressure on your most stressed team members.   This leads to better customer service and happier staff.

"Moving to Atria caused us to tidy up, kind of like an audit - and it's produced a revenue uplift"

Internet Solutions.

"With Atria, we’ve reduced monthly user admin from 30 hours to 3 and virtually eliminated mistakes"

Asbury Group.

"Scalability and flexibility are two keywords for us as a Hosting provider and for our customers. Atria is a major key piece in our desktop platform that has proven in production that it can scale up and down as needed in every area."  

Reduce Wait Times – Let Customers Self-Support!

Responsiveness drives customer satisfaction.  Atria uniquely enables customers to self-manage moves, adds and changes.

Customers get service delivered on their timeframes, without any tickets or phone calls.  No rework, no time wasted, just service delivered when it’s needed.

Make your IT Service feel as accessible as Software as a Service, enable your customers to be more agile and cut your operating costs at the same time.

Good Billing Starts With Provisioning

Dealing with many enterprise systems, vendor licensing models and a history of creative sales deals ensures billing is a continuous challenge to the best of organisations.  Manual processes are often needed, but complexity and time pressure results in error.

Atria tracks service changes at the source, services are tracked at the user level – who made the change, when the change was made and what was changed.

Atria Billing API provides aggregated and detailed data to provide the source of truth for billing and licensing to provide accurate invoices.

Atria is proven to:

  • Prevent over licensing, and provide evidence of compliance to auditors
  • Stop under-charging, remove manual process and ensure your counts are right
  • Remove billing errors – prevent rebates, disputes and arguments

Atria is proven to:

  • Prevent over licensing, and provide evidence of compliance to auditors
  • Stop under-charging, remove manual process and ensure your counts are right
  • Remove billing errors – prevent rebates, disputes and arguments


What You Get

Atria SDK

Run your own scripts, perform your own actions and deliver your own services. Fully extensible provisioning engine and UI.

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Atrias Billing

Atria tracks the changes and can tell you at any point in time, what is provisioned to each of your customers for accurate billing everytime.

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PSA Integration

Atria integrates with Professional Services Automation systems to automate your PSA billing process.

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Multi-Tenant AD Management

One AD, many customers. Locked down and secure by OU. Great for small customers, and government.

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Single Tenant AD Support

Manage 100’s of AD’s from one portal with one UI, and one process flow. No AD Admin access for support staff.

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Delegated Administration

Assign admin roles in Atria by department or location. Allow local managers to manage their own users.

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Fine Grained Role Based Access Control

Define and assign roles to users which enable or restrict administrative permissions.

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Self-Service Portal

Our self service portal allows your customer to feel in control and gives them the ability to perform tasks easy without the need to create a support ticket.

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Configure simple approval processes to automate authorization of changes to users and their services

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Additional Features

  • Hybrid – On-Premises AD, Hybrid with Azure AD, and Azure AD only.
  • Easy to deploy agent – deploy the Atria agent into a customer AD and be managing users in less than 30 minutes.
  • Import users easily – Import all users or choose a subset and manage the existing user structure all through the simple import GUI.
  • Perform user creates, updates, adds, deletes and password resets.
  • Manage AD group creation and user assignment.
  • Manage Intune, WorkspaceOne and other MDM tools through our Workplace Service.
  • Manage RDS, VDI and Citrix solutions using our Workplace Service.
  • Create File shares and manage permissions either with existing AD groups or new.
  • Create Azure AD tenants.
  • Purchase and assign Office 365 Licenses. Learn more
  • Manage the features of each license assigned to users.
  • Build bundles with License add-ons like Voice calling or AAD Premium.
  • Create and manage Distribution Groups, Resource Mailboxes, Shared Email boxes.
  • Extend out of the box capability with Powershell scripts.

Transform Your MSP

Whether you need to streamline service tickets and tasks, supercharge your helpdesk, or empower customers with self-service, Atria can help—and save you measurable time and money you’ll start realizing in no time. With over 20 years in the managed services industry, Atria is specifically designed to help your business grow.