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Billing Integration – easy

Atria has native out of the box support with the most popular PSA tools, and comprehensive billing reports for custom integration.


Atria is pre-integrated with the 3 leading PSA tools, saving you weeks of effort in getting customers and users billed correctly.

Product Based

Everything in Atria can have a billable SKU – from an AD group, to an Office 365 license to an Intune policy. Every SKU – automatically synced and billable.


Every change your team does is captured. Every change that affects billing is automatically recorded and synced. Never miss a billing month again.

Stop billing manually!

Billing in most MSP’s is manual. A combination of database extracts, Excel, invoices from vendors and more. Every month it can take days, and inaccuracy costs real money.

Atria integrated with PSA  tools for billing helps take away the manual intervention. Productise what your customers use today using Atria Services and Plans, assign SKU’s, and watch how day to day moves adds and changes are automatically reflected in your PSA for billing.

Save your helpdesk a headache, save your finance team days a month and increase revenue – today.


Productise and Bill with Atria

Microsoft 365 Billing

Build plans in Atria that contain a combination of primary licenses and add-ons. For Direct CSP’s automatically add and remove licenses. For Indirect CSP’s assign licenses and manage features.

Includes support for  Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft 365 Plans sync into your PSA, ensuring user and license changes are captured and billed for.

Workspace Billing

Manage your customers with the Atria Workspace Service. Whether a Citrix or RDS shared desktop, VDI by Citrix Cloud or VMWare Workspace One, Azure Virtual Desktop or an endpoint managed by Intune, one place to manage them all.

Create levels of desktop service provided including performance and scheduled times of VDI’s, or Intune management policies. List applications and resources available. Assign each of them a SKU and you’re ready to easily manage and bill your customers Workspaces.

Your own services

Use Atrias robust Service and Plan structure along with the industry leading provisioning engine to build your own services. Our customers have built everything from firewall management to Voice services to ERP management in Atria using the SDK,  often with little more than PowerShell scripting.

By using Atria you get ‘free’ billing. Every customer with a service and a plan, every user with a service and a plan is automatically rolled into Atria billing, and synced to your PSA. No additional work on your behalf.

Build and bill for services that make your MSP unique and your customers love you – all without lifting a finger.

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