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The challenge of converting Windows Apps to Cloud Services

Much of the business software in use today was not designed to be delivered as a Cloud service.  Successful business software has been honed and evolved over many years.   On top of this, customer specific enhancements and integrations make it difficult to just “move to the cloud”

Businesses who are dependent on legacy software,  would like to be relieved of the responsibility of infrastructure, but genuinely do not want to be forced to change the core systems that have become part of their corporate DNA.

Software Vendors may be working to transition their software to a SaaS solution; for complex and advanced business applications this is a mammoth undertaking, with no quick returns.  The cloud solution never achieves the range of features exposed by the application it is aiming to replace which slows the uptake of a new cloud based service.  Meanwhile, competitors are always on the prowl.

It’s not easy to efficiently turn client/server software into a SaaS service, so as an interim step, so why don’t the Software Vendors deliver the client/server app as a cloud service using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops technology?

The three big problems with hosting Windows Apps at scale:

1. Windows applications require a Windows platform to run on, this means cloud or datacentre infrastructure to run desktops, databases, web servers and active directory.  It is expensive to host, particularly if there are small volumes of users within each customer.  The virtual hardware and software then needs to be managed, patched, supported, upgraded, backed up, this all adds cost.

2. User access control – creating new tenants, users, changing access etc now requires helpdesk staff, IT administrators and an increased support burden.  

3. To do the above, the ISV has to become a hosting company, this means they now require a completely different set of skills which are very different to those needed to develop software.

The best solution to this problem is to find a service provider which uses Atria, Atria provides an automation solution which works really well for ISV’s, by working with an existing Service Provider, the ISV can continue to focus on their core software business while enabling cloud based delivery and SaaS business models.   

The benefits of Atria Service Providers to an ISV  

  1. Share Resource securely. Allows Windows Infrastructure to be securely shared across tenants, this can dramatically lower operational costs – e.g. less infrastructure, less Microsoft licensing.
  2. Automation of tenant setup. Capture the information you need to create a tenant, define plans and options, then define the automation processes needed to setup your tenant. Enable provisioning of new tenants on demand without any engineering involvement.
  3. Self-service user provisioning. Atria can be used by your service desk, you partners staff, or by the customer themselves, they can add, remove, reset passwords and enable your products themselves.
  4. Empower your reseller channel. Atria provides out of the box support for your reseller channel – for ISVs who sell or work with consulting partners, this means that they can setup and manage their own tenants.
  5. Fix billing problems. Atria tracks who made the change and when it happened, this then provides a detailed trail that can be used as the basis of your SaaS billing. This includes ability for you to define billing relationships between customers and partners.
  6. Enable SSO. if you have larger customers – Atria can automatically synchronise and provision changes from another Active Directory – access to your app can be provisioned seamlessly from within the Enterprise Active Directory even when hosted externally.

How can we help your ISV business?

Atria is used by leading Microsoft and Citrix service providers globally.  These organizations are experts at providing desktop and application hosting at scale, they have access to our automation team and together we are able to build a process to deliver your SaaS application securely, professionally and with minimal support overhead.

If you would like a no obligation discussion about how we can help you to improve the delivery of your Windows Application, or for us to put you in touch with one of our Atria powered providers – please get in touch.