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The service desk is the hardest place to be, and even more so as a Managed Service Provider, Outsourcer or System Integrator. It’s the job where you’re the face of the business to most of your customer’s users, and the only time you ever get to talk to them is when something has gone wrong. The pressure is on from management to meet SLA’s as that’s what contract bonuses and penalties are tied to. What makes it worse, is that every customer’s environment is different, and yet 50% of what is required is the same old, new user, give a service to a user, change a password, remove a user.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way…

  • to enable end customers to do basic moves, adds and changes (MACS) reducing your workload
  • to keep every customer consistent, so that standard tasks are done the same way, fast and efficiently making it easier to support your customers
  • to automate instead of raising a ticket. the job is just done, or worst case, done immediately the ticket is opened improving the customer experience.

Enter Atria

Atria emerged out of the Multi-tenant hosting world. A world focused on low cost, consistent, secure and automated provisioning and management. In this world, margins are low so the service desk are physically unable to do everything for customers. SLA’s are incredibly high – websites and email accounts can’t be down. If they are, this affects hundreds of customers, not just one. Customers want instant changes – when you want to update your website, you don’t want to wait for hours or even days.

Atria is the tool that makes all of this possible. Our ethos is ‘we don’t workflow, we automate’.

Atria is a control panel, that automates a range of standard help desk and level 1 / level 2 engineering tasks:

  • Active Directory Administration including moves, ads and changes
  • Services provisioning like Office 365, Virtual Apps and Desktops and Multi-factor Authentication
  • Audit-ability for billing, security and troubleshooting

Atria ensures every one of these tasks are done in a consistent manner. No longer does an engineer have to go into AD and make changes, where inconsistencies can happen. Changes are made through the control panel, simplified, automated, consistent and secure. As a point of interest, to use the control panel to make changes in AD you don’t even have to be an AD administrator – keeping your customer environments cleaner than ever.


But here is where it gets even better

By deploying Atria across all of your customer AD’s simplifies your helpdesk service – One Control panel to rule them all.

Because all standard tasks are now automated, you now have the opportunity to delegate out the ability for MACS to your customers. Atria makes the creation of a user as simple as:


With this level of simplicity, non-technical staff can take control of user administration and provisioning:

  • Office Administrators
  • HR Teams
  • Divisional Management

From your customers perspective, this makes life easier. When they need a user, they can pop into the portal and have them up and running in 5 minutes. When someone leaves, they can immediately revoke access. If a contractor is hired, giving them secure access to the limited applications they need is now under control.

Customers can still log a helpdesk call of course, and if the service team picks it up, well it can be done immediately – without having to escalate to specific engineering teams.

Based on our last service provider survey of the over 200 deployments, Atria is the single key tool in allowing Service Providers to scale without having to add Service Desk staff.

So what does it look like?

Atria Multi Directory Support

Atria Multi Directory Support

This model allows your customers to keep their own environments, with their own policies. It allows you, as a service provider, to offer cost-effective helpdesk support, with a better customer experience than their own internal team can offer. You will make changes faster, meet your SLA’s and have a great NPS. Your customers will be able to self-service, integrating user administration into onboarding and offboarding processes, reducing their risk, and enabling their staff to get access to the tools they need, when they need them.




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