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Citrix Cloud users and applications can now be managed by Atria, offering Delegated Administration, Role based access control for both Single and Multi-Tenant deployments.

Citrix Cloud offers a broad set of Citrix toolsets bundled together and managed in the cloud. It’s a tightly managed, highly integrated environment and makes running the Citrix stack substantially easier for administrators.

For day to day administration the world is fairly similar to the way it used to be – you need a Citrix administrator for standard moves adds and changes (create a user, give access to an application or a resource etc). There is even more overhead when you consider other services like Office 365, file storage and Active Directory Controlled Applications.

Atria brings simple end user and application management to Citrix Cloud. With our simple portal you can:

  • Allow helpdesk and non techniocal staff to create, disable and delete users
  • Allow helpdesk and non technical staff to create and assign applications to users
  • Delegate out to customers the ability to create users, and manage access to applications
  • Standardize and automate configuration and provisioning
  • Audit and control usage, and do departmental billing
  • As a CSP you can manage hundreds of deployments, either single-tenant or multi-tenant
  • Manage Office 365, AD and other services all from one portal

Atria will reduce the amount of frontline support you need to offer, and stop your engineers from having to perform repetitive user and application management tasks.