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Often customers will simply deploy a service in Atria and use it as it is outofthebox, unaware that customizations can be made if required.  In this blog article, we are going to walk you through customizing the provisioning process for a service in Atria.  We’ll give you the scenario with a simple solution and more advanced solution that will allow for user input. 


In our example, we are provisioning the File Sharing service for customers.  By default, the service will create a shared folder for the customer to store their files and folders in.  From within the portal, administrators can manage the root folder and create new subfolders and control permissions.  

Extending the provisioning process we want to add a set of additional subfolders every time a new customer is provisioned.   

Simple Solution 

In this simple solution, we will edit the provisioning process and define a static set of additional folders that will be created for each new customer. To achieve this, we will create an “After Provisioning” rule to create the subfolder, multiple rules could be used for additional folders. 

To configure this, follow the steps below: 

1. From the Provisioning Manager, navigate to Events > Service > File Sharing > Customer Service > Provision > After 

2. Create the rule that will create the subfolder. At the Path field, specify the folder name

3. Restart the AtriaQueuemonitor by running a PowerShell command Restart-AtriaQueuemonitor 

4. Provision a new customer with File Sharing service. Once the provisioning is complete the new folders will be found in the customer’s folder.

Advanced Solution

A more advanced solution involves creating a new Service Property.  In this Service Property, an Administrator will be able to define a comma-separated list of folder names to be created when the service is provisioned. The Provisioning Engine will create each folder individually.

To configure this, follow the steps below:

1. From the web portal, go to Configuration > System Manager > Service Schema

2. Select and expand the File Sharing service

3. Expand Property Definitions and click New Property

4. Enter the values below and click Save

5. Save the change on the Service Schema Level

6. Create the provisioning rules that will process the new property.

*The first rule with Condition checks if there is a request to create subfolders. It checks the “Create SubFolders” field if its empty or not. If its empty it will skip all the nested rules.



*The next rule cycles through the value of the “Create SubFolders” field to create an Array. Using the Split method, it distinguishes the next value if it is proceed by the comma (“,”) character. You can use a different limiting character.

The next rule is the loop to create the Sub Folders based on the number of entries on the Array.
*Lastly, the exact rule that creates the Sub Folder using the value of the FullSharePath and the name of the sub folder.

7. Restart the AtriaQueuemonitor by running a PowerShell command Restart-AtriaQueuemonitor on the Provisioning Server. This will update the provisioning engine to use the new rules.

8. Go to a customer and expand the File Sharing service

9. Click Service Settings

10. Click the Create SubFolders and enter the names of the subfolders you want to be created during Provisioning. Use a (,) to enter multiple folder names. Click Apply Change and Provision

11. The folders will be automatically created for the customer inside their root folder.

As you can see from these examples the provisioning process can be extended to achieve a custom experience for your customers. If you would like to know more about customizing services or if you would like assistance with an idea that you have please get in touch with our Support Team at