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Has this product name changed?

Yes, Atria was formerly known as Citrix CPSM – CloudPortal Services Manager. Atria was chosen by the team because it is defined as both the central court of an ancient roman house, and a key part of how the heart functions.  Both definitions are reflective of how we view the platform. Atria is an entry point to the services you provide your customers, it is the central courtyard where workload is distributed.

How is Atria licensed?

The licensing model is based on the number of Atria services used per month. Services can be consumed per customer or per user.

Which versions of the former CPSM are supported?

Support is offered to any partner on version 11.x who transitions to Automate101. If you use an earlier version than this, then please get in touch. We will only be in a position to release fixes to v11.5 and future upgrades will likely be dependent on deployments operating on v11.5.

Who is behind Automate101?

The founder of Automate101 is Colin Williams, the previous GM of EMS-Cortex. Our team is made up of the original EMS-Cortex and Citrix team and have worked with the Atria product for many years. For more information, read the About Us section.

If I am transitioning from CPSM - do need a new agreement?

Many customers have transitioned from CPSM to Automate101 by signing a new agreement. Please contact us at and we can explain the transition process in more detail.

Is Automate101 pricing different to Citrix?

There are limited changes to pricing. We have also developed a tool that reports licenses in the most cost effective way for our customers. It determines whether or not services are more cost effective reported as bundles instead of separate services.

Can I buy Atria through my local distributor?

We aim to sell directly in all markets except for South Africa. If this is a genuine issue for you, please contact us.

What is planned on the roadmap?

We are aware that Atria hasn’t had significant software updates for some time before returning to Automate101.  We have already stabilized support, upgraded Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2019 and are addressing urgent issues. We are focusing on improving the user experience and providing more services. This includes introducing MFA,  the automation of Azure AD and Office 365 Microsoft Online Services.

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