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Desktop as a Service

The only Citrix Ready control panel for Desktop as a Service.

Deliver Desktops – easy

Build and deliver a multitenant Desktop environment with dedicated and shared servers, VDI and published applications. One AD, hundreds of customers, or a customer per AD all from within one portal. Manage via AD groups for Remote Desktop Services, or directly with Citrix studio.

Comprehensive Delegated Administration

Atria allows you to delegate down the entire provisioning process to the service desk, or down to the customer. Provision VDI Desktops, Shared Desktops and published apps through a simple selection UI. Grant immediate access, with no ticket, and no senior engineers.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Atria manages both your business and your hosting environment.

Citrix Management

Manage Hosted Apps & Desktops with shared and dedicated servers. Provision Citrix managed apps, resources and non Citrix apps (AD Groups)

RDS Management

Deliver a low cost Hosted Desktop service using RDS. Publish desktops or apps with shared or dedicated servers..

File Sharing

Enable File Sharing, either with a shared folder structure, SharePoint or ShareFile. Full role based permissions management.

Templated Users

Use templates for users by customer to deliver 1 click provisioning. Create templates by job role, desktop type and bundle in other services like Office 365 and File Sharing.


Delegate down to Resellers provisioning of customers, desktops and applications. Put them in your shared environment, or give them their own dedicated farm.

End Users - Easy

End user provisioning is as simple as either choosing a template or selecting applications from a list. Delegate out to the customer admin – no technical skills required.

Seamless Identities

Single identity across all services managed by Atria.

Full AD Group Management

Creat your own AD groups for managing services like MDM. Use the Desktop Service, or create a custom service using groups

Brilliant Billing

Comprehensive billing reporting. Who did what and when did they do it. You can get to realtime billing if you desire. Bill by desktop, by application all with SKU’s.

Lower Costs, Reduced Risk

Atria allows you to deliver the most efficient and flexible Desktop as a Service as possible. Your customers self service, from creating users to assigning applications to creating templates. Allow all of this, while minimising risk. No customer – or even service desk agent ever needs AD Admin access.

The most flexible Desktop as a Service Control Panel

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