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Atria – the new face of CPSM

Atria enables your IT business to run efficiently; automate repetitive tasks, eliminate errors and accelerate the delivery of service. 

Consistency of Process… Every time

Out of the box, Atria provides automation for the most commonly delivered IT services and applications.  If you have unique processes, services or integration, Atria provides a service management SDK which allows you to customise and automate technical processes.  Libraries of reusable logic are available for you to extend standard processes or build your own services.

Atria enables your best customer service staff to do the super technical tasks without needing an engineering degree, safely, quickly, consistently

Atria delegation enables end-customers to manage their own IT services.  Controlled and audited, customers can add/remove/change their users and services – all in complete safety and without needing any administrative rights.  In the background Atria securely delivers what your customer needs, when they ask for it.


For your Service Desk

Enabling proactivity rather than reactivity. Atria will transform your service desk from a workflow triaging team to an efficient customer experience team.  It enables your team to:


Solve customer problems immediately without needing IT administration experts.

Frees up senior staff allowing them to focus on more high-value activities

Automates and delegates in a safe manner reducing the risk of human error

For your Customer

Empower your customers to self manage. Atria gives a customer the ability to self manage in a simple, user-friendly portal. It enables them to make decisions immediately about users, apps and permissions making the whole process easier to manage and time effectively.


Customers are able to manage employees themselves and not via a support desk

Able to assign applications and services as they desire, ensuring employees are productive

Manage risk by having the ability to disable employees and control permissions when they need it.

Create templates based on job roles, ensuring employees have access to the right tools, simplified onboarding.

For your IT Business

Improve efficiency and reduce your costs. Atria ensures your business runs efficiently by introducing consistent, standard automation for manual ad-hoc tasks.  Improve customer satisfaction with faster response times and reduced faults.  Reduce business risk by ensuring that changes are completed in a controlled automated manner and administrative access requirements are heavily reduced.  Enable scale by pushing standard provisioning and administrative tasks to the service desk and out to the customer

Atria offers a uniquely powerful hierarchical tenant model that has been used globally for shared government services, Enterprise shared IT services, Franchise Operations and white labelled service delivery.


Lower environmental complexity and operational overheads by standardisation and automation

Drive efficiency into your support team by managing multi and single tenant environments


Build a re-seller channel with a comprehensive white labeling capability

Scale effectively by being able to add new services into Atria, either through out of the box services or with simple development using SDK.

Join thousands of users who love Atria

All the services managed

Atria manages all of your common managed and hosted services, while encouraging custom integrations

Hosted Exchange

Multi Tenant Exchange and deliver high value low cost mailboxes securely and easily.

Hosted Desktops

Deliver a comprehensive Hosted Desktop solution, RDS or Citrix, Shared or Dedicated, VDI or Published, Apps or full desktop.

AD Administration

Multi-Tenant or Single-Tenant. Full Delegated admin without AD admin privileges

Office 365

Tier 1 & Tier 2 CSP’s supported. Delegate user creation and license assigning with no Admin Rights. Manage licenses.


Create multiple sites per customer, apply templates. Shared or dedicated servers. File sharing with OneDrive.


Provision ShareFile, cloud or self hosted. Control permissions and access.

Custom Services

From AD Groups, to Scripts to fully integrated services. Use all the Atria concepts from service plans to resellers

Skype for Business

From basic to enterprise voice. Enable all features, including federation. Assign numbers and dial plans.

DNS, Web Hosting & SQL

Provision sites, manage DNS. Assign
SQL & MYSQL databases. Shared and Dedicated.

User Account Management

Atria enables you to take control of user accounts in different environments, whether it be a dedicated, multi-tenant or hybrid environment. It removes the headache of remembering what provisions, rights and security permissions a user should have.



Flexible Active Directory Support

Full support for a multi-tenant Active Directory allowing for multiple customers sharing a single Active Directory.  A single instance of Atria can also be configured to provide management across multiple single tenant Active Directories.  All users can be managed consistently from one place with one login.

Cloud Environment

Support for Azure AD allows for Hybrid and Cloud First environments, eliminate the requirement for Sync servers in your multi-tenant environment and allow Atria to simplify your Office 365 management.

Delegated Administration

Enables your resellers, end customers or service desks to manage the provisioning of users and services without needing any involvement from your staff.  Atria allows your business to grow without adding labour costs.


Ensures users are provisioned in the right place, with the right permissions, no risk, no fuss.

Delegated Administration

Atria allows standard tasks to be completed as easily as possible by the end user or a customer administrator, giving your company complete control over the level at which tasks can be completed.


Minimise Risk

Granular permissions systems gives complete control over Atria functions.  Defined processes minimise risks that are typically present when granting high level administrative rights to servers or applications.  Atria users have no real permissions granted in Active Directory and cannot cause accidental damage.  More destructive tasks can be restricted  via the permissions system.

Role Based Access Control

Atria comes with standard roles, these can be extended with custom roles to allow complete control over your services.  Define roles based on your own organisation structure, further delegate to resellers and end-customers.  Atria’s permissions system is comprehensive with roles that can automatically be backed by Active Directory groups.


Applications and services can be templated by service or by job role, meaning non-technical staff can assign them without having to know technical details.  This also means less errors when setting new users up.

Process Automation

Custom services can be quickly added to provide control and automation for additional services, integration or execution of technical tasks specific to your business.   These services can all be controlled and delegated through the permissions system. 

Advanced Identity Management

Atria has the ability to manage multiple Active Directories, in addition Atria allows a single Active Directory to be safely multi-tenanted by thousands of customers.  For IT service providers of all shapes and sizes, Atria can flex to meet your needs.



Multi-tenancy is available throughout all the applications in Atria and can be managed in one portal.

Identity stores

Atria supports Active Directory and hybrid AD/Azure AD configurations.  if you have complex identity requirements across many Active Directories, Atria can likely cater for the situation.


Atria’s unique AD Sync technology allows identities to be securely synchronised from a customer owned directory into either a shared or single tenant directory.  Synchronisation is fast and trouble free.  A single Atria instance can support many customer directories synchronising in near real time.


Atria is built and designed so it can host and manage many thousands of users with small and large customers  Queuing technology is utilised to enable scale and ensure consistent UI performance.

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