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Atria Empowers Over 500,000 Users

Atria – the simple helpdesk portal for managing Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365 and Remote Desktops across all your customers. Atria takes the complexity out of managing hundreds of customers with thousands of users and lets your customers self service and your helpdesk fly.

One portal – every customer

Move from AD to AD, customer to customer, user to user, in seconds with no logins, no escalations and no friction. The single Atria portal connects to all of your customers whether in an On Premises AD, Hybrid with Azure AD or Azure AD Only. Globally search and instantly bringing up the user or customer you need. With a single click you are now resolving the ticket – faster than you ever thought possible.

Standardize Customer Management

User moves adds changes, and service provisions are identical across all of your customers. Every process is no identical, from creating a user to assigning an Office 365 License to creating an AD group. No matter where the customer is – On Premises AD, your Datacentre, Hybrid or Azure AD only. Atria means one training guide, and one process keeping managing your tickets simple, fast and low cost.

The Results

Deploying Atria transforms your service desk from administration focused to adding value to the business. Use your new found time to provide training, pro-active activity and actual problem solving.


Reduction in user admin


Tickets deflected


Reduction in engineering escalations


Increase in first call resolution

Safely Deliver Self-Service

Move standard requests out of the helpdesk and encourage your customers to self service – safely. With a simple to use standardised user interface you can easily train customers to self-serve common requests. HR departments can create and disable users. Managers can assign applications to their team. End users can self service application requests and password resets. Move beyond ticketing and into customer enablement.

Audited and billed with realtime data.

All your standard user processes are done through Atria, not directly in Azure AD or AD. Every action is captured – who did it, who did they do it to and why. Easily view audit reports, or export into a SIEM. Use Atrias native billing exports and import into your PSA or accounting application for easy user based billing – from Office 365 licensing down to the AD group they are in.


What You Get

  • Multi-Tenant – Manage hundreds of AD’s from a single portal
  • Full delegated Administration with RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • Hybrid – On-Premises AD, Hybrid with Azure AD, and Azure AD only
  • Easy to deploy agent – deploy the Atria agent into a customer AD and be managing users in less than 30 minutes.
  • Import users easily – Import all users or choose a subset and manage the existing user structure all through the simple import GUI
  • Perform user creates updates adds deletes and password resets
  • Manage AD group creation and user assignment
  • Manage Intune, WorkspaceOne and other MDM tools through our Workplace Service
  • Manage RDS, VDI and Citrix solutions using our Workplace Service
  • Create File shares and manage permissions either with existing AD groups or new
  • Create Azure AD tenants
  • Purchase and assign Office 365 Licenses
  • Manage the features of each license assigned to users
  • Build bundles with License addons like Voice calling or AAD Premium
  • Create and manage Distribution Groups, Resource Mailboxes, Shared Email boxes
  • Extend out of the box capability with Powershell scripts

"Moving to Atria caused us to tidy up, kind of like an audit - and it's produced a revenue uplift"

Internet Solutions.

"With Atria, we’ve reduced monthly user admin from 30 hours to 3 and virtually eliminated mistakes"

Asbury Group.

"Scalability and flexibility are two keywords for us as a Hosting provider and for our customers. Atria is a major key piece in our desktop platform that has proven in production that it can scale up and down as needed in every area."  

Transform your MSP

Whether you need to streamline service tickets and tasks, supercharge your helpdesk, or empower customers with self-service, Atria can help—and save you measurable time and money you’ll start realizing in no time. With over 20 years in the managed services industry, Atria is specifically designed to help your business grow.