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Desktop as a Service

 Enabling the delivery of any app—Windows, Web or SaaS from the cloud

Why use Atria to manage DaaS

Software as a service (SaaS) is how customers expect to buy and use software. Many ISV’s and their customers are struggling to redevelop their apps for the cloud. These apps have many years of IP and  with a depth of features and functionality that cannot be redeveloped overnight.  Unfortunately, many applications do not have the ability to be hosted, they are not optimized for web delivery and often cannot be multi-tenanted.

With technologies like Citrix® Virtual Apps & Desktops™ and Windows Remote Desktop Services, virtually any application can be delivered over the internet to any device, consistently and efficiently. This means any application can be delivered from the cloud, right now without having to wait for multi-year re-writes.

Modern SaaS applications are architected and designed for multi-tenancy and natively offer high levels of automation for setup of new tenants and users.  This can be a much more complex and challenging task to replicate with older client-server technologies.

For service providers delivering applications via Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, Terminal Services or Windows Remote Desktop Services, Atria assists by automating processes and reducing support costs. The Atria solution allows you to deliver desktops and applications, with support for custom integrations for specific.  Atria can:

  • Automate the creation of Remote Desktop profiles
  • Allow customers to share Active Directory and applications securely
  • Seamlessly integrate with Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops for easy deployment
  • Delegate the administration of applications to end-customers
  • Allow creation of Application Groups to enable the easy deployment of sets of applications
  • Create private applications for use by a single customer or shared applications to be used by many
  • Extensible where Atria can drive events that trigger your own scripting and broader automation requirements.

Atria is easy to use and enables your customers to administer their own users and applications. Full reseller support is included allowing you to make the most of your infrastructure investment.


Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Management

This section covers the features and functionality covering Desktops as a Service

1. Overview - Desktops as a Service with Atria

  • Partner with ISV’s to grow your MSP business
  • Expand your business by enabling remote working with RDS or Citrix
  • Retain control of your Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops environment while reducing your support burden
  • Delegate the administration of Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops to your customers
  • Grow your customer base without growing your frontline support

2. Citrix Virtual apps & Desktops Package Management

Atria enables the service provider to easily configure and publish applications to customers and resellers. Features include:

  • Automatically retrieve a list of all Citrix on-demand applications in real time
  • Flag applications as either private (for single customer use) or shared for easy deployment amongst many customers.
  • Eliminate manual steps such as creating storage space for profiles and setting up logon scripts for users
  • Provision and configure applications across multiple Virtual Apps & Desktops server farms
  • Support Shared Farms, Dedicated Farms and even dedicated Active Directories for your customers

Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops Package Management


3. Control Customer Access to Applications

Atria allows easy provisioning of Citrix applications to customers on-demand . By choosing the set of applications the customer requires, the system automatically takes care of allocating the correct applications and permissions. Packaging applications into application groups makes it easy to provision customers with similar requirements.

  • Provision applications individually or through application groups
  • Apply defaults for automatic provisioning of core applications
  • Allocate applications or resources to be sold by resellers 

Control Customer Access to Applications



4. Server Settings

Atria supports the allocation of permissions to additional resources such as printers or network shares.

  • Create and manage resources for printers or shares
  • Enable shared and dedicated resources for customers and resellers
  • Package resources with applications into application groups for fast ‘templated’ provisioning


Atria allows the service provider to define which applications and resources a reseller can sell. Once created Resellers can self-serve their customers.

Citrix Management for Resellers

Reseller self-service includes:

  • Creating customers, and provisioning users
  • The ability to assign desktops and applications to end users
  • The ability to select applications and resources from multiple Virtual Apps & Desktops server farms
  • The configuration of applications and resources as default objects which are automatically selected when provisioning Citrix to a user

Resources and Applications for resellers

Customer Portal

Atria allows customers to take control of their own applications. Uniquely, Atria  enables service providers’ customers to easily add and remove applications from users, thereby reducing support costs.

For providers who have no requirement for delegated administration, Atria empowers helpdesk staff to perform administrative tasks safely and quickly.

1. Delegate Control to Customers

With Atria, the customer can control which applications their users have access to. The customer administrator can quickly create user roles, allocate applications and resources to roles and provision users with applications.

  • Create individual roles that match users’ responsibilities
  • Configure roles to access applications and resources
  • Provision individual applications or resources in addition to role-based access rights
  • Allocate or change applications and resources across multiple users in bulk 


2. Management of Customised Applications & Resources

With Atria, comes the ability to create local customised application groups that are applicable to the customer’s users.

  • Create customer specific application groups using assigned applications and resources
  • Default groups, allowing automated allocation when provisioning to customer’s users
  • Display a high-level summary of an application group’s contents

Architecture and Applications

Atria supports a range of Architectures, and Applications.

1. Supported Models

Atria Supports

  • A shared (Multitenant) Active Directory with shared and dedicated Citrix Farms
  • Dedicated (Single Tenant) Active Directories for dedicated customers
  • Syncing Identities from Customer Active Directories to Atria and Atria managed Active Directories
  • Managing Azure Active Directory with Office 365

Atria Network Overview

2. Additional Applications

From within the same Atria portal, manage a range of other relevant applications:

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Atria supports Multi-tenancy, Active Directory Management, Office 365 and more. Learn more about how we can help your business automate your IT helpdesk. 

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