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Competition is fierce in the world of managed service providers, especially when providers are so easily accessible from anywhere in the world. So, how does your MSP stand out from the crowd and what is your point of difference? Ask yourself these questions and see where you stand with the competition. 

From your customer’s perspective: 

  • Can your customers keep control of (and customize) their IT processes and services with you as their MSP? 
  • Can your customers self-serve and provision ‘end to end’ services for their own users?  
  • Can your customers provision users and services quickly, easily and without risk – every time? 

From the MSP’s perspective: 

  • Do you have a single portal to manage ‘all’ of your MSP’s customers and configure their services? 
  • Can your MSP business auto scale or does more customers mean more manual tasks? 
  • Do you keep up with technological advances and offer new services to your customers as and when you need to? 
  • Do you and your customers have transparency of billing? 
  • Can you manage different business customer types such as re-sellers? 

If you answered yes to all of the above then, WOW! You are one great MSP – make sure you let everyone know in your marketing campaigns. 

If you answered no one or more of these questions, then Atria can take you to the next level.  Contact Atria today to find out how. 

About Atria by Automate101

Atria is a platform used all over the world by MSPs and large enterprises to automate the management of IT services for 1000’s of their customers and 1000’s of their customer’s users. Many Service Providers use Atria as part of their marketing to win business – and it works.  Checkout our latest services including Office 365 today.