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Release 12.11


Release Date

 9 Oct 2020  


This release introduces some new features for Exchange Online and M365 and addresses an issue for remote user login.






M365 Usage Report
A new feature has been introduced in version 12.11 to extract and display M365 usage report across all customers. The report is also accessible via Atria’s external API and you can get the figures in 3rd party BI and dashboards tools. The user needs “Subscription Usage Report” permission for this feature. Extrenal endpoint is available at /msol/Subscriptions/usage


Remote Users cannot login to Atria
There is bug in Atria which does not allow remote users to login into the system after upgrade to 12.x + versions. This bugs is now resolved.


Exchange Online Shared Mailboxes – Set Full Mailbox Permissions
Mailbox permission added into Exchange Online Shared Mailboxes screens which allows users to delegate full permission to a shared mailbox.


Remote User Validation bug
There is a bug in the remote user provisioning screen where UI shows “First Name is not valid” even when there is a validation issue with another field (e.g. Last Name). This bug is now fixed.


Advanced session logging
A new advanced session logging added into the core application to log additional information about a user session (e.g. SessionId, xForwardedFor, UserAgent, Host, Cookie, Timestamp etc. This is an optional toggled feature and can be enabled by setting EnhancedUserSessionLogging to true on the web component. Data will be logged into EnhancedSessionLog table when is enabled.


Deployment/Update Checklist

The following Atria components need to be updated, please follow the recommended order of update.

Components to deploy:

Step Component Command Line Service

Known issues