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Release Date

3 Feb 21



The major purpose behind this release is to implement and deliver some of the most requested features by customers including AAD Authentication, Unified Branding Experience, AAD Differential Sync, and Exchange Usage report. Some minor installer bugs have been resolved as part of this release to address some of the hassles around upgrades. 


New Features   

Reference Description
3933, 4276, 3935, 3936

Azure AD Authentication
Azure AD Authentication is now supported by Atria natively. When AAD Authentication is enabled, “Sign in with Microsoft” button appears on the login screen. Sign in with Microsoft redirects the user to the Azure AD login screen and redirects the user back to Atria after successful login. “Sign in with Microsoft” button supports branding and can be customized using Atria’s unified branding. To enable AAD Authentication, the customer needs to create an AAD application and set AzureAd_ClientId into the config service.


Atria instance registration
To provide better support to clients and facilitate automated license reporting, every instance of Atria is registered with the Automate101 CRM System. Registration is handled as part of the database upgrade process. Customers need their CRM Deployment ID prior to upgrade or new installation. Please contact our support team before upgrading to 12.13 to get your DeploymentID- we are happy to help with upgrades.

4260 Custom JavaScript injection
A new feature has been added to Atria which allows customers to inject custom JavaScript code into the page. Any JavaScript file under wwwroot\customers\custom-scripts\ will be injected automatically during the runtime. This can be used for usage tracking codes such as google analytics.
3190, 4147 Classic and Modern UI Branding
Branding experience for both classic and modern UIs is now unified. If you navigate to the branding page, you can customize classic and modern UI elements visually using CSS. Customers with customized branding must backup their customized CSS before upgrade to 12.13, then copy & paste CSS to customize the CSS section on the branding page; Platform will take care of CSS compilation and all the future upgrades. Please contact the support team before upgrading to 12.13 – we are happy to help with upgrades.
3192 Global Search Bar for Classic and Modern UI
Global Search bar has been moved to the top for both classic and modern UI.
3678 Progress Bar for Modern UI Dialogs
Progress bar has been added to the top of all modern UI screen. A progress bar is shown when the platform is creating or updating an existing record.
3710 Tier 2 Service Provider License Notification
For indirect customers, currently if they attempt to assign a license to a user, and there are no licenses available, Atria returns an error and cannot purchase licenses. A new feature has been introduced which will subsequently place the provisioning request on hold and send a formatted license request email to the service provider’s nominated email address – this will contain the Microsoft TenantID and the license requested. Atria will retry provisioning after 12 hours and provided the license is available will assign the license to the user. A “License Requests” Page has been added to manage pending license requests; This page can be found under Microsoft Online on the left-hand menu.
3827, 4238 Configuration Page
A new configuration page has been introduced in the platform to simplify and unify access to all configuration/settings pages. The link to this page can be found in the left-hand menu under the Links section. Users can use Page Manager to manage which links are shown on this page. The goal is to allow the left hand menu to be decluttered of infrequently used menu options.
3874 Exchange Online – Shared Mailbox performance improvement
To improve end-user experience and performance of Exchange Online Shared Mailboxes, Exchange Online PowerShell Client v2 is used to perform actions around Shared Mailboxes.
3889 Exchange Usage Report
A new per-customer usage report for Exchange has been implemented and can be found under the Reports menu. This new report shows exchange usage by user name, username, plan, disk quota, and disk usage and it is exportable into CSV format.
3795, 3799, 4275, 4385 , 4390, 4396 Azure AD Differential Sync
Atria now supports Azure AD Differential and full sync. By default, nightly syncs are set to differential but this can be changed in the Sync Policy screen. A new checkbox labeled “Full Sync” has been added to the Azure AD Sync page which can be checked to trigger full sync. Also, a new column has been added to the Azure AD Sync page which shows the type of the sync operation. AAD Differential Sync uses Microsoft Graph to query delta changes from the previous sync.


Bug Fixes and Improvements




Exchange Online – Shared Mailboxes – Save button is disabled while there is a change to an existing record
There is a bug which means that changes are not detected properly after updating an existing record. This issue is now fixed.


Failure to connect to an existing Azure tenant in Azure AD Setup screen
Atria cannot connect to an existing Azure AD tenant due to changes in the Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module. Code has changed to meet the new requirements.


Exchange Online – Pages cause infinite spin when tenant no longer part of partner center
The issue occurs when When a customer has been removed from the partner center but not from Atria. In this case, exchange online pages hang indefinitely with a loading spinner


Atria Multi-User selection – Deprovision then Delete keeps the status spinning
Selecting multiple users, deprovisioning, and then triggering delete in Atria cause a bug where users get deleted in active directory, but in Atria the status wheel keeps spinning and never ends. This has been resolved.


Failed to start AD Sync due to duplicate values on the CortexUrl
AD Sync fails due to an invalid value for CortexUrl. This issue has been resolved.


When a user has a “-” dash in the UPN. The user cannot be moved
This issue has been resolved.


AAD Sync – Sync failure due to manager not found in atria error
Azure AD Sync fails after a manager added to a user from Atria, but the manager has not been assigned a upn with Microsoft online domain in Atria. In this case, “Fail to sync user manager due to manager not found in atria” appears in the sync log. This bug has been resolved.


Importing the SharePoint site fails on “Sync Site Users” step
Importing SharePoint sites fail with “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error on “Sync Site Users” step. This bug is now fixed.


Incorrect error message when a customer doesn’t have Exchange Online services
Exchange Online pages (Contacts, Resource Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes) wrongly advise the user that an internal error occurred when the customer does not have exchange online. This error has been replaced with “Customer does not have exchange online” message.


Customer deprovisioning fails due to “Prevent object from accidental deletion
During the creation of the first user on a new Customer, the “User Structure” OU is created and has its “Prevent from Accidental Deletion” enabled. This causes a deprovisioning failure later. This bug is now fixed.


Creating a user with a set password required causes issues with replication delays
The issue happens when the customer has multiple domain controllers experiencing replication delays. CreateUser script and SetPasswordRequiredAction have been updated to ensure the DCServer property is used in the script, a new user can now be created reliably.


Atria, PlatformAPI and ExternalAPI upgrade to .net 5″
Atria platform and underlying components have been upgraded to latest .NET Framework.


HTML Encoding Reference in Customer Label
There is a bug UI rendering which causes space in customer name to be rendered as %20. This bug is now resolved.


Sync Offerings for Microsoft Online having an error on countries that are not being sold to
Sync offering from Microsoft returns “Partner is not onboarded to sell in this country” message for customers which are in EU region. The sync offering page has been updated to handle the case properly.


Exchange Online – Country value does not save when creating/updating a shared mailbox
Country value does not save when the user creates or updates an exchange online shared mailbox. This bug is now resolved.


Office 365 – Cancel button on Delete Confirmation does not work
There is a bug in the Office365 screen (Legacy 0ffice365) for deprovisioning; When the user clicks on deprovision and press cancel on the confirmation box, the deprovisioning still proceeds.


Reimporting service schema due to server collation mismatch
The issue pops up when trying to reimport a newer version of a schema package, it fails for AzureAD, Exchange, and MSOL due to a server collation mismatch. This issue is now fixed.


Incorrect setting for minimum level in config files
Minimum log level has been adjusted to meet development and deployment standards.


Anonymous Provisioning Requests are not executing
There is a bug in Atria which causes the provisioning engine to fail when an anonymous request is placed on the queue.


Notification import and export in JSON format
Following new Atria standards, Email Notifications are now maintained in JSON format (as opposed to existing XML format). When exporting a service, Notifications.json will be generated. When importing, Notifications.xml still works, but when both JSON and XML format presented Notifications.json will be used over Notifications.xml.

4393, 4394, 4395, 4478, 4516, 4531

Azure AD Sync Improvements
Azure AD sync process has been revisited and overall sync experience has been improved. In addition, some of the other minor improvements are as follows:
– Sync date/time are displayed in local timezone
– Delegation of user in AAD does not cause sync problem
– User’s password syncs when created in Microsoft Partner Center

Installers Bug Fixes and Improvements




Upgrade wipes out custom favicon
atriaweb upgrade wipes out customer’s customized favicon. The installer has been updated to resolve the issue.


Installers – Mismatch on the name of the IIS web service connection (URL Base)
There is a bug with Windows Web-HostingWS installers that causes the server connection (URL Base) by default is set to “IISWS/IIS7.asmx. The installer has been updated to set and match URL Base and IIS site.”


Installers – BillProcessDaily.ps1 script fails on an upgraded environment (CU4 to Atria)
Task Scheduler reports BillProcessDaily scheduled tasks as “successfully completed” but there is an error behind the tasks. This bug is now resolved.


Installers – Missing -credential option when doing update-atriacomponent -Web
If web component is in DMZ, when update-atriacomponent executed, it’s missing the -Credential parameter set name. It routes to set-atriainstallercredentials, which also errors out that it cannot convert the local admin account. This bug is now fixed.


Installers – HTTP Error 401.2 – Unauthorized occurs After Install-AtriaComponent -VirtualMachine
HTTP Error 401.2 – Unauthorized occurring after running Install-AtriaComponent -VirtualMachine cmdlet. This issue is now fixed in installers.


Installers – VirtualMachineWS web service package not queried via Get-AtriaPackage
VirtualMachineWS web service package is not queried and returned via Get-AtriaPackage cmdlet. This issue is now resolved.


Installers – Update-AtriaComponent -HostedAppsAndDesktops from Atria 12.6 fails
Running Update-AtriaComponent -HostedAppsAndDesktops cmdlet when updating from 12.6 to latest version results in error. This issue is now resolved.


Installers – Update-AtriaComponent -Exchange from Atria 12.6 fails
Running Update-AtriaComponent -Exchange cmdlet when updating from 12.6 to latest version results in error. This issue is now resolved.


Cannot export existing Atria Root CA for the second config service
Instlling second config service results in an error due to export issue with existing Atria Root CA. The bug is now fixed.

Deployment/Update Checklist

All components should be deployed as per the standard update manual.

Known issues


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