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Release Date

20 May 2021


The main purpose behind this release is to deliver some of the critical bug fixes and improve audit data for exchange online service.

New Features




Exchange Online Audit
Audit feature has been implemented for Exchange Online services. This includes recording audit data for Exchange Online Contacts, Resource Mailboxes and Shared Mailboxes. Audit data can be found in ExchangeOnlineContacts_AT, ExchangeOnlineResourceMailboxes_AT and ExchangeOnlineSharedMailboxes_AT tables in the database.

 Bug Fixes and Improvements




Creating exchange contacts with long email address fails
An error caused by commandlet “New-MailContact” where the parameter Name is passed with variable ContactName (concatenated values of First Name, Last Name and Email address) – code has been amended.


Failed to establish a brand from Platform API error
There was a bug in the platform causing the “Failed to establish a brand from Platform API” error. This issue is now resolved.


brand-assets folder is not generated after upgrade from 12.10 to 12.13
There is a problem with modern branding experience when upgrading from 12.10 to 12.13+ causing the page to load without styling in a broken state. This bug is now fixed.


Logout after deleting a customer
There was a bug in the platform which caused the user to be logged out after deleting a customer. This behavior has changed to keep the user signed-in.


Group Management Member search results stack up after every search
Some customers experienced performance issues due to group management search results stack up after every search operation. The code has changed to remove the previous search results when executing a new search result on the group management page.


Group Management UI Members list is limited to 1500 entries
When retrieving group membership for groups with more than 1500 members, only 1500 users are returned. Active Directory returns only 1500 users if asked to return all members of a group. The code has neem changed and will now retrieve all members of a Group.


Group Management Cannot search for users in Remote Location
Searching for group members of a remote customer results in an empty search result .This bug is now fixed.


Branding – Login Page Text not being rendered in Atria 12.13
Customers can now set login page text using the modern branding experience. This functionality was broken in the latest version of Atria. The fix is now applied to address the problem.


Failed to load advanced user properties error
There was a bug in the latest version causing the “failed to load advanced user properties” error message to appear in the user provisioning screen. This bug is now resolved.


Error in Exchange Mailbox Export and Import
When trying to Export or Import a Mailbox, the link to run it produces an error. This issue is now resolved.


Reseller and Customer Admin cannot see who manages the Customer
There is a bug in the code which causes inconstant experience between modern and classic UIs for the label showing who manages the customer at Reseller or Customer Admin level. Required changes to underlying permission checks have been done to resolve the issue.


Deployment / Update Checklist

The following Atria components need to be updated, please follow the recommended order of update.

Step Component Command-Line Service
1 Agent Update-AtriaComponent -Agent Platform (Automated Licensing)
2 PlatformAPI Update-AtriaComponent -PlatformAPI Platform
3 Provisioning Update-AtriaComponent -Provisioning Platfrom
4 Web Update-AtriaComponent -Web  
5 MSOL Import-AtriaServiceSchema -Service MSOL Microsoft Online
6 Exchange Import-AtriaServiceSchema -Service Exchange Exchange
7 ExchangeWS Update-AtriaComponent -Exchage * Exchange


For ExchangeWS Update-AtriaComponent can only be used if the webservice has been installed using Install-AtriaComponent. Otherwise the files will have to be downloaded and copied accross manually.

Known Issues