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Release Date

14 Aug 2020



This purpose behind the release is mainly to address Tier 2 AAD tenant connect issue.


Reference Description
2709 Tier 2 Service Provider cannot connect tenant to Azure AD
An error occurs when Tier 2 Service Provider trying to connect to an existing tenant within the Partner Center using Azure AD Connect. This issue has resolved.
2410 Customer Type field has no data for upgrade instances
User cannot create and save customers due to Customer Type field has no data. This issue appears only instances that have been upgraded from 12.6.9 to 12.6.10.

Deployment/Update Checklist

The following Atria components need to be updated, please follow the recommended order of up

Components to deploy:

Step Component Command Line Service
1 AtriaDatabase choco upgrade atriadatabase Platform
2 AtriaProvisioning choco upgrade atriaprovisioning Platform
3 AtriaAzureAD choco upgrade atriaazuread Platform
4 AtriaMSOL choco upgrade atriamsol Platform
5 AtriaMSOLWS choco upgrade atriamsolws Platform

Known issues