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Release Date

27th March 2020


This is a minor maintenance release which carries a number of fixes and minor enhancements, mainly to the Microsoft Online Services components.


REF Description
  This release contains a set of fixes for the 12.6.1 release, further enhancements are being developed for the 12.7 release which is currently in progress.



REF Type Description



Email field length in Azure AD Terms and Conditions screen

Email field in Terms and Conditions section of Azure AD service screen is now accepting 255 characters to support long email addresses.

1304 Defect Bulk lightweight user update request runs twice

An issue introduced in 12.6.1 which caused duplication of provisioning requests has now been resolved.

1306 Defect Connecting to an existing Azure AD tenant fails where tenant has subscriptions with products which do not exist in Atria

Error occurs on Azure AD page when user tries to connect to an existing tenant. Atria now adds and tracks products automatically when products do not exist. This fix enables Atria to sync customer data with free subscriptions.

1312 Defect Domain is being added when already in Azure causing provisioning to fail

During the provisioning domains fail to be added with an error stating that the domain cannot be added because it is already exists. An improvement has been made to the domain validation process to compare domains in a case insensitive manner.

1354 Defect Enforced EN-nz culture causes fatal error in provisioning Azure AD

Azure AD provisioning enforces en-nz culture which causes an error when en-nz culture is not supported by the partner center connection. A fix has been made to match the default culture for the Partner Center location.


Deployment/Update Checklist

The following Atria components need to be updated, follow the recommended order of update.

Components to deploy: 

Step Component Command line Service Completed
1 AtriaDatabase Choco upgrade atriadatabase Platform  
2 AtriaWeb

Choco upgrade atriaweb Platform  
3 AtriaProvisioning

Choco upgrade atriaprovisioning Platform  
4 AtriaMsolWS

Choco upgrade atriamsolws MSOL  

Atria Schema Packages to import

If importing through the UI check Upgrade if applicable. 

5 AtriaMSOL Schema

Choco upgrade atriamsol MSOL  

Note: upgrading AtriaMSOL, will also upgrade the UI components for Azure AD. No changes were made to the Azure AD service schema during this patch.