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Release Date

1 July 2020


This is a patch release to address a couple of smaller issues, as well as introduce some new features. Also, this release improves security for database connections.


Add option to change source field for immutableID
A new property has been added to the ADFS Policy to allow an administrator to specify an alternative Active Directory attribute for the ImmutableID.
Use more secure SQL Connections
OLEDB drivers used by the provisioning engine do not support TLS 1.2. Dependency on this connection type has been removed. In the next release of Atria, we will also be migrating these connection strings to reflect this change and remove the need for OLEDB altogether.
Manager Field Support For Azure AD
The Azure AD / Microsoft Online Service now supports the manager field. The field will be set during user creation as well as synchronised during initial or nightly syncs.
Recycling bin support
A new feature has been added to the user service screen for the Microsoft Online Service, to allow the administrator to manage the recycling bin. When it is detected that the user does not exist in Azure and there is an account with the same UPN in the recycling bin, the system will prompt the administrator to choose how to treat the account in the recycling bin. Options are: Create a new account and remove it from the recycling bin, Restore user from recycling bin or Create a new account and leave the account in the recycling bin untouched.
Ability to delete ADFS Policies
You are now able to delete unused ADFS policies through the ADFS Policy Management UI.
Warning when a user is imported from a different customer OU
As an Atria user, you can import a user to a customer from any OU; An improvement has been introduced to warn a user when is imported from different OU.
Users list page is ordered by First Name, then Surname
A minor cosmetic adjustment has been made in users list page to order records by First Name first, and then Surname
Automatically populating target address
“A Set Target Address” checkbox has added to Azure AD configuration screen. When checked Atria will automatically set the target address attribute in local AD to match an  address for the users with Exchange Online mailboxes.
Not provisioning  email aliases to users in AD
Atria used to write all email aliases into the user in Active Directory. When a user has a local exchange mailbox, the  email alias is used to forward mail off to Office 365. A new provisioning rule has been added to remove any  email aliases from the user provisioning process when the user has Exchange.


Spotlight Search Customer Search results are not shown when filters are selected
An issue arose when a filter was selected and a user was to navigate to the customer using Spotlight Search. This has now been rectified.
Azure AD service screen crashes on selecting an incomplete plan
When an Azure AD plan was configured without a partner center, the UI would show the fatal error page. This issue has been addressed and a friendly error message is now displayed advising the user to ensure a partner center is configured against the plan.
Mailbox Export error when exporting to a compressed zip file
Hosted Exchange mailbox export that is configured to compress into a ZIP file encountering error. This issue is now resolved.
Rules being deleted incorrectly after atriadatabase upgrade
Rules were incorrectly being deleted when the atriadatabase upgrade process executes. This issue is now resolved.
CPSM banner in Brand Preview
In brand preview, The older CPSM banner is shown. This image has been replaced with the Atria banner for new installation.
Default Collation for sp_ServerSelectLeastUsed
A collation error occured when sp_ServerSelectLeastUsed gets executed and OLM collation is different from SQL server collation. This issue now resolved by setting default collation.
ADSync Download does not inject the settings into the setup
After downloading AD Sync Setup from the web, settings are not injected into the setup. This bugis now fixed.
ADSync is not compatible with TLS 1.2 and above
Enforcing TLS 1.2 and above on Atria web server breaks ADSync. This issue is now resolved and Atria is now compatible with TLS 1.2 and above.
O365 charity/non-profit customers provision with commercial licenses
A customer who is a registered charity/non-profit in O365 is provisioned in Atria with Commerical licenses rather than Nonprofit. Required changes have been made to recognize special qualifications for customers.
Citrix provisioning rules being updated even when excluded during service schema import
Citrix provisioning rules being updated even when excluded during service schema import. This issue has resolved.
Compatibility issue with CRM 2016
Atria is now compatible with CRM 2016. This fix is in preview currently.
DNS Rules being blown away after atriadatabase upgrade
DNS Rules being blown away after atriadatabase upgrade. This bug is now resolved.
Provisioning Manager does not show rules underneath folder items correctly
Provisioning Manager does not show rules underneath folder items correctly. This issue is now fixed.
Broken Logging
Legacy logging is broken for CortexDotNet. This issue is now fixed.

Deployment/Update Checklist

The following Atria components need to be updated, please follow the recommended order of update.

Components to deploy:

Step Component Command Line Service
1 AtriaDatabase choco upgrade atriadatabase Platform
2 AtriaProvisioning choco upgrade atriaprovisioning Platform
3 AtriaWeb choco upgrade atriaweb Platform
4 AtriaDirectoryWS choco upgrade atriadirectoryws Platform
5 AtriaAzureAD choco upgrade atriaazuread AzureAD/Microsoft Online
6 AtriaMsol choco upgrade atriamsol AzureAD/Microsoft Online
7 AtriaMsolWS choco upgrade atriamsolws AzureAD/Microsoft Online
8 AtriaExchange choco upgrade atriaexchange Exchange

Known issues