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Why is Service Provider billing so difficult?

The admin overhead of monthly billing can be HUGE for organizations with hundreds of customers, complex products and hundreds of licensed services. In some cases, the billing process can be so convoluted that usage has to be processed manually, mostly through tricky spreadsheets taking up to 14 days of manpower every month.

Also, to add fuel to the fire, the service provider must commit more time to answer hours of customer billing queries.

So, how can Atria help?

Atria has brought the ‘single pane of glass’ concept to billing. Not only can service providers access the usage data they need quickly and easily, but the customer also can view the same ‘single source of truth’ from within the same platform.

So, how does it work?

Once the service provider has set up their billing cycle, product/service SKUs and billing rules, then billing takes care of itself.  A monthly scheduled process will generate the billing data from the Atria Service changes logs. These logs record all provisioning / de-provisioning actions (at a user, service, instance and plan level) pushing all of these through into monthly bill and marking the bill items as either billable or non-billable according to the predefined billing rules.

Both the Service Provider and each of their customers can view the same billing data in Atria. This single source of the truth makes usage totally transparent to both the service provider and their customers enabling customers to answer their own billing and service usage queries.

So, how can I get to the data?

Billing data is generated within Atria and can be viewed in the Service Summary (as changes) and Service Detail reports. Billing rules can be tweaked (making items non-billable) and then the data re-processed.  This data can subsequently be exported into Excel spreadsheets or accessed through the Billing API.

So, how is this easier?

Billing rules are applied to the source data at the lowest granular level possible and by using SKUs from the Service Provider’s own invoicing system the licensed services can be auto matched, priced and billed. No manual data manipulation means no manual errors. This, along with the customer being able to view the same data, is a win/win situation for all involved.

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