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Have you ever needed to create users with similar settings or services? Or would you like to have customized templates to speed up the process of adding new users? Here Atria’s Template User feature comes into play!

Some scenarios where template users can help:

  • Where a customer has defined roles, with specific applications and licenses
  • Populating standard properties into users, such as an address, office phone numbers, etc. for signature generation software
  • Reducing mistakes in user creation

Create users with templates

When you create a template, you can specify

    • User attributes – e.g., Address, Location, Department, etc.
    • User settings – such as password settings
    • Atria Security roles – what the user can do within Atria
    • Services and service configuration to be provisioned to the user when the template is used.

To create a new user, you select the template then click New User from the User Functions dialog box. The user details from the template are pre-populated to the new user wizard. 

Templates are customer-specific; that is, they are accessible only to administrators of that customer’s account.

A customer administrator cannot view or use the templates of a parent reseller, and the reseller cannot view or use the templates in other customers.

Templates are stored in the system database as users. You can access existing templates from the Users page of the control panel.

To locate template users, you can use the Advanced Search, enter search criteria and select the Template user type. 

To create a new User Template

Creating a new user template is similar to creating a new user, it’s just stored as a template that can be used later.

  1. From the menu, select the Users menu option
  2. Under Management, click New Template User. The Create User page appears.
    • a. In Display Name, enter a name for the template user.
    • b. Expand Additional Properties to add address and organizational details.
    • c. Expand Account Settings to configure any password settings
    • d. Click Advanced Options to select a security role for the template user.

3. Click Save – the Services page now appears.

4. Select the services and plans you want to provision for this template.

5. Click Save.

The user template is now available for use.

To create a new user based on a template

  1. From the Services Manager menu bar, click Users.
  2. Find and select the template you want to use:
    • a. Under Advanced Search, in User Types, select Template.
    • b. Click Search. A list of all existing templates appears.

3. Select the template you want to use and then click on New User. The Create User page appears.

4. Under User Details, perform the following actions:

  •     a. Enter the user’s UPN and name information.
  •     b. Click Search. A list of all existing templates appears.

5. Under Password Configuration, enter the user’s password and confirm the entry.

6. Under Email Addresses, add email addresses as required.

7. Under Copy Services, check or uncheck the services you want to provision to the new user.

8. Click Provision.

After the new user is provisioned, ensure the user’s provisioning status appears with a green indicator for all services.

Note that Services that appear with a blue indicator require additional user-specific configuration before they can be automatically provisioned.