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Atria has been in production use for more than 6 months and we are recently helping many Service Providers go through the upgrade process. We have just issued our 6th update release since Atria was launched.

From our learnings so far, we have found many of our customers have benefited from the upgrade. Here are the top 10:

 1. Support for Modern Operating Systems

Atria has been successfully tested on Server 2019, 2016 and 2012R2, Atria is compiled against dotnet framework 4.8. For those running CPSM on 2008 servers, upgrading will improve your overall security posture

2. Spotlight Search

This has been one of the best received changes introduced. With Spotlight, you can search for any user or company from anywhere within Atria and be taken directly to the right page. You no longer need to navigate through customer/service/user hierarchies. This massively reduces the clicks and page loads needed to locate a user or customer.

 3. Performance improvements for large tenants

Customer level changes in CPSM could cause long delays and timeouts for customers containing more than 1000 users. Customer edits are now instantaneous in the User Interface.

 4. Import from AD

Atria has a new UI to import users from Active Directory making the on-boarding of dedicated directories much faster and easier.

 5. Improved Billing Capability

Atria has implemented a new model for license tracking changes making customer invoicing transparent to both the service provider and the customer. A centralised system produces intelligible data which can be used for customer invoicing. Data can be exported by spreadsheet and a restful API to integrate billing systems is on its way soon.

 6. Azure AD and Microsoft Online

Atria has support for indirect and direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners. Atria streamlines setting up new tenants, subscriptions, and license allocation. Automated license optimisation reduces monthly spend to the minimum.

 7. Hybrid Identity across AD and Azure AD.

Atria synchronously provisions into both Active Directory and Azure AD for customers with large multi-tenant or single tenant deployments. Atria simplifies the management and operational overhead.

 8. Regular Product Updates

Automate101 issues regular updates to Atria, we operate a 2 weekly internal cycle and a monthly release cycle. This means that we can be responsive to problems and deliver value and features to customers. Atria now contains many improvements and bug fixes over previous CPSM deployments.

9. Faster and easier update process

Thousands of hours of effort have been dedicated to improving the Atria update/install processes. With Atria, updates are controlled by you and are simple to execute. Updates can now be installed and operational in minutes without a need for outages and technical support.

 10. Tested against Citrix Cloud

Atria is supported against Citrix cloud today, and further investment is being made. Today you can manage users, groups, resoureces and applications in both Dedicated and Shared Citrix Cloud deployments


You can move to Atria today at no additional cost. Your business will be better maintained, more secure and can utilise many new features to help your business.

If you are running an old version of CPSM please get in touch. We’d be happy to work out an onboarding plan, and get you updated with the latest security fixes, and new features.

 For our existing customers, please either fill in the upgrade form, or log a ticket to get your upgrade started.